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Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection for Tablets and Smartphones

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection for Tablets and Smartphones
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Crystalusion™ Liquid Glass Protection offers a new standard in protection for all screens and cases for your devices from mobile phones, tablets, cameras and laptops to gaming consoles, satellite navigation systems, televisions and even glasses.

There are many different types of bacteria lurking on multimedia devices. Dr. Simon Park from Surrey university published his findings with the Daily Mail demonstrating images from under the microscope of this problem. The article titled: "The petri-dish that is your iPhone: The pictures which reveal the hidden bacteria lurking on your mobile" explains the issue in more detail; Click here to read the full article.

Crystalusion™ utilises Advanced Nanotechnology to coat the surface with a protective layer of nanoscale Advanced Liquid Glass Technology. Each molecule is 500 times thinner than a human hair and covers the pores of the surface protecting it against bacteria, abrasion, dirt, grease and grime. Once applied the newly coated surface repels bacteria, dirt and grease so a lean clean surface is only one simple wipe away."

Crystalusion™, made from Advanced Liquid Glass Technology, has been developed through extensive testing and research to offer one of the most advanced nano-coatings for today’s multimedia devices. However our goal is to always enhance our offering and we are now developing the next generation of protective coatings and applications.

Liquid Glass is probably the most versatile new technology currently available in our ever changing world and provides a protective coating to a wide range of surfaces.

“SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) – ultra thin layering” is the technical term for Liquid Glass and, apart from a select group of professionals, very few people globally are even aware of this incredible technology. SiO2 is found naturally in many plants and animal species and is therefore environmentally friendly and food safe and can be applied to almost any surface within seconds.

The experimental use of Si02, specifically nano-scale coatings began in the 1980's. In early 2000 commercial applications started to be developed and advanced products and applications were born. It was discovered that Liquid Glass offers protection from oil, moisture, dirt, bacteria and gave the surface unequalled abrasion resistance. The flexible and breathable liquid glass coating is approximately 100 nanometres thick, that’s 500 times thinner than a human hair, and as a result is completely invisible despite its benefits being truly visible.

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