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New Nintendo 3DS XL Pearl White 3D Touch Screen Console

New Nintendo 3DS White 3D Touch Screen Console
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New Nintendo 3DS

Formerly a Game Boy just a Game Boy. NES NES. And a GameCube GameCube. But now ... now it nevertheless become more complicated. New versus old. And XL versus ... well ... non-XL. We can imagine that you might be a bit of direction the track. No problem. Let of us now have studied the differences. So you no longer have to. Sounds good, right?

This 'new' many times other than the 'old'?

New Nintendo 3DS just play your old DS and 3DS games off. You still adorns the menu with downloadable themes.And yes, the handheld still cameras. But better. The camera shoots great pictures in low light. And the inner camera is better at determining the position of the face.This experience also the 3D effect when the handheld is not precise (silent) for you love. However, the SD port has given way to a microSD port. And oh yes, the New Nintendo 3DS is faster than the 'old', you'll definitely notice when downloading and / or load games.

What's really new about the New Nintendo 3DS?

So far nothing new under the sun. But it is you undoubtedly noticed that the New Nintendo 3DS has more buttons than its predecessor. In addition to the L and R-button on the 'shoulder' and the ZL- ZR-buttons have been added, which are comparable with the triggers or bumpers on a PS or Xbox controller. Moreover, there is now the top left the A, B, X and Y button the C-stick, a small second joystick that include surfing the web easier and specific (note: not all) games added adds control.

What are the differences with the New Nintendo 3DS XL?

Yes, there is next to the New Nintendo 3DS also a New Nintendo 3DS XL. The name of the latter reveals the difference between the two handhelds it all: the size of the 3D display. That of the XL version is greater. But this is not to say that the screen of the New Nintendo 3DS called small. Anyway this is 1.2 times larger than that of the 'old' Nintendo 3DS. However, the most striking difference concerns the removable covers of the New Nintendo 3DS.Replace it with other (optional) front and rear faceplates to give your handheld a different look.

SKU 3DS-L87808
Console Nintendo 3DS
Manufacturer Nintendo
Colour White
Manufacturer's Warranty 1 Year - Terms & Conditions
Right of Withdrawal Information on your Rights to Cancel are in Part 2 (c) of the General Terms