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How do I get the FREE voucher?

With every €100 spent on ANY product from ScanMalta (from Iklin and Marsa showrooms Only) you will receive a €10 voucher. The vouchers are also applicable over and above current Offers/Promotions, ScanClub discounts and all the big brands including Apple.

You are entitled for the voucher if the receipt amount is over €100.

Spend over €100 get €10 voucher
Spend over €200 get €20 voucher
Spend over €500 get €50 voucher...

Promotion starts from Monday 9th June 2014 till 14th June 2014.

When and how can I redeem the voucher?
Present the signed voucher and receipt to one of our sales team during the month of July 2014 and the voucher amount will be deducted from your bill. All products available from stock can be redeemed against the voucher and the full amount has to be redeemed in one transaction.

Voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

Father's Day offers/vouchers are only applicable to individual customers. (Not for Managed Corporate Accounts customers).